An idea is not a mockup

A mockup is not a prototype

A prototype is not a program

A program is not a product

A product is not a business

And a business is not profits

-Balaji S. Srinivasan from Startup Engineering

I've been working at a smalls startup now for almost close to four years and although it has in no way shape or form ever gone down the celebrated path you hear or read about in the press, it has definitely been a learning experience for me. Over the past couple of years I have iterated over a couple ideas that I have prototyped in the Bitcoin space (BlockShare.IO, and a news aggregator called CoinGazr that became a little too convoluted but I am thinking of return to work on.) and the music space (MusicGenius, and my boutique record label Context + Form Digital) and I love the process of taking an idea and trying to bring it to life. I have some other ideas floating and I hope to build on those over the next months as well. And I really hope to turn some of those into 


"Mathematics has beauty and romance. It's not a boring place to be, the mathematical world. It's an extraordinary place; it's worth spending time there."

Marcus du Sautoy

Mathematics was never my stronger subject growing up. In fact it was the one I hated the most which is something I find humorous now since I find myself engrossed in it one way or another on a daily basis. It intrigues me to no end and I have days where I want to do nothing more than focus my thoughts and time on a specific mathematical subject. Lately I've been engrossed in the very basics of abstract mathematics using logic and proofs. Learning and applying it has helped open my eyes and mind to a whole new world that I never knew existed. It has a beauty and elegance to it unmatched by most other subjects. 


"I’m of the opinion that most investors would be better off making fewer decisions and getting rid of any unnecessary clutter from their portfolios and investment process. Placing constraints on yourself is a great way to do this. The first step is understanding yourself and your own flaws, something that’s not as easy as it sounds, since the easiest person to fool is often yourself."

Ben Carlson on Placing Constraints on Yourself

This quote is directly related to the markets and it is excellent advice too. I think it's under appreciated in most all areas of our lives as well. Cluttered thinking and action can lead anyone down a vicious cycle and constraining your thought process and approach can help alleviate some of the unwanted pain. I've been finding myself a bit more active on the investment side of things in my life lately and this advice hits home to me. What I've discovered is that learning one particular area of investment suits me well once I understand the long term effects of such a process. It isn't easy but it is definitely worth it.


"Focus was ingrained in Jobs’s personality and had been honed by his Zen training. He relentlessly filtered out what he considered distractions. Colleagues and family members would at times be exasperated as they tried to get him to deal with issues—a legal problem, a medical diagnosis—they considered important. But he would give a cold stare and refuse to shift his laserlike focus until he was ready."

The Real Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs

Learning Data Visualization using Processing

Learning data visualization techniques using the Processing programming language has always been a skill that has been on my list of things to learn really well and I finally got around to get started. I've used other technologies and methods before for data visualization, most notably R and RStudio, so when I got the opportunity to learn how to take that skill to the next level I jumped at it. Here is a visualization of all the meteor strikes that have been collected around the world. The bigger the circles, the larger the impact. I'm not going to go into a huge analysis since I'm sure it's been done many times before, but I am excited to get cracking on other data sets in the near future. 

The code and data can be found in this Github repo and the Skillshare class can be found here.